Thursday, July 31, 2008

Public Transportation

I found and was reading the Official Spectator Guide for the Beijing Olympics. It is a nicely designed 129 page booklet about attending the Olympics. It has some very nice information about the venues. I like that they describe where the security points are, how far you have to walk from the security points to the actual venue and all the amenities of each venue. I'm sure we will get more detailed information when we get there, but this guide is a nice start.

Another thing I noticed that impressed me a lot is that every venue has a minimum of 4 buses that stop at or near them and many have more and/or subway stops. Beijing has really ramped up utilizing their public transportation to move people. In addition, I found out that any day you have a event ticket, you can show it and ride any form of public transportation for free! I can't even imagine a city in the US doing that and I think it's freaking awesome!

Scott and I had planned on trying to utilize public transportation during our stay and this will make it even easier.

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