Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beijing Day 1 — Angie's Turn

Well, I'm not sure what to add to Scott's mammoth post but here's a few comments.

I'm very proud of us for figuring out the subway system, especially after all our trouble in Tokyo. It has been made easier in that we have just been able to show our Olympic tickets and not have to buy a ticket. But still I'm proud we haven't gotten lost.

At the park, I bought us some folding fans to combat the heat. One has tiger pictures on it and the other has the word Dragon in Chinese and has pictures of the emperors. While we were walking around, a Chinese man (who spoke no English), stopped me, pointed the fan and kept repeating a word. I think he was reading the fan. With much pantomiming, it came across that he was asking if I was a Dragon. Funny. I said no.

And here's something for Alex. The air quality is quite good. I have no idea what the newscasters were talking about. Sure, there is a little haze, but nothing that bad. The weather is not as muggy as Tokyo but is as hot. Also, the city smells different. Not just food smells which you would expect, but the exhaust, etc. just smells different than you smell in Seattle.

Despite Scott's mocking tone, I'm proud of myself for going to the Night Market and just pointing to something and eating it. Sure, it was noodles, so it was a little safe, but for those of you who know me and know that I never eat anything that I don't know the exact ingredients, it was a very big step. Plus, walking and eating with chopsticks at the same time - harder than you'd think.

Oh, and by the way, I've only been able to find Diet Coke once since we've been in Beijing... and Coke Zero is not the same.

Well, it's time to head out and grab some breakfast before heading over for basketball. I'm so excited!

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Speedforce said...

I know what a big deal it was for you to go to the Night Market, Angie. Good job. ;)