Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Nothing like 60 degree weather, blue skies and a civilized three-foot personal space bubble to make you feel like you're back home.

We got up at Noon on Monday (Seattle time) and got in at 9 am Tuesday. That's a long freakin' day, my friends, even with dozing off on the flight. We're trying to stay awake until this evening to do a brute force body clock reset. Angie's already fading, partially because she's one step away from being narcoleptic normally but also because she came down with a nasty head cold before we left. I keep telling her it's the SARS. She's not amused.

The unpacking went pretty quick. The cats are still under the bed. Lola has been retrieved from Puppy Heaven over at her Godmothers' house. Life is almost back to normal, or will be once we both crash and sleep for a day or two.

Before you go, there will be one more post-trip entry with some final impressions/observations of Beijing and our list of Won't Miss/Will Miss things about our trip. Oh, and I have a ton of photos to go through and post to Flickr. Stay tuned for just a little bit longer.

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