Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank God for CBC

CBC is, of course, showing the Opening Ceremonies live right now. Why NBC can't broadcast this live and then replay it in normal US primetime instead of only showing it on tape delay is beyond me.

I will be live-blogging the broadcast on tape delay, however, so check in later tonight for more.


Shed said...

Scott, it must feel a little surreal watching the OC on TV knowing that in a few days you'll be there. I'm sporting my Aussie colours today and am looking forward to watching the Opals game online at 6pm and then onto the OC. So excited for you guys.

grunt said...

Yeah, not going to be sleeping much if CBC carries every thing live. But it'll be fun to watch the basketball and soccer when possible!
Have fun there. See you track side soon. :)

Anonymous said...

The opals weren't at the opening since they had a game the next morning.