Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Future

Our trip of a lifetime is about to become just the first of many.

We've decided to go to London for the 2012 Olympics and to wherever the 2016 Olympics are held. With what we've learned from Beijing and through talking to other multi-Olympic attendees, we feel like it is entirely possible that we could become true Olympics junkies.

Our plan for London is to go in a couple years and get the sightseeing out of the way and do some groundwork research so when we go to the games in 2012 we can totally focus on the Olympics and do so without spending a ton of money.

For 2016, the location will be announced in October of 2009. Our plan is to immediately start learning the language, do similar pre-visits to the city like we're doing for London and then do the entire 17 days instead of just the last half or so like we did in Beijing. The candidate cities for 2016 are Tokyo (which would be awesome), Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

Of course, full trip blogging and photo posting will be included.


Anonymous said...

Dang straight! You can't take it with you!!


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that you both put the work in on this blog. I felt a part of your trip. I was excited about your experiences -- maybe not so much about the scorpion on a stick... brave man there, Scott.

The pictures were a fun peak into what you saw. I can only imagine all the sights and sounds. I'm glad you are both home, enjoy your personal space, and your memories.

James in Portland

estavares said...

I knew you guys would become junkies. I knew it! A pre-trip to London will of course be necessary; maybe a trip to Chicago, Tokyo AND Rio "just in case" as you want to make sure you're prepared.

During my time in Europe I lived in Lausanne, Switzerland, home of the Olympic Museum and headquaters. Wouldn't that be Mecca? ;)

Great blog, guys. Thanks for the postcards!